Drew Myron is a writer and editor, who has covered news, arts, entertainment and travel for AOL City GuidesNorthwest Best Places, Coast Explorer, Ruralite, and other publications. She heads DCM, a marketing communications company with a focus on hunger, homelessness, literacy, and health.

Drew is the author of Thin Skin, a collection of photos and poems. Her poetry appears in a variety of print and online journals, and she was awarded a Fishtrap Fellowship. 

She leads creative writing workshops in unusual places — from nursing homes to county fairs — and has taught at the Sitka Center for the Arts, Seashore Family Literacy, Denver County Fair, Lan Su Chinese Garden, and has collaborated with artists at the Newport Visual Arts Center (Oregon Coast), Weilworks Gallery (Denver), Benton County Museum (Philomath, Ore), and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (Boulder, Co).

Drew lives in Oregon, and can be reached at dcm@drewmyron.com