Here is the deepest secret nobody knows

It's April and the world hums with poems. 

Time to get in the groove for Poem in Your Pocket Day!

(Yes, it's a real thing). 

Here's how:
1.  Pick a poem. 
2.  Carry it with you. 
3.  Share it.

The result? The world thrums with the beauty of poetry. 
Poem in Your Pocket Day is on Thursday, April 27, 2017.

So, tell me:

What's in your heart & on your page?

What do you clutch & what do you give away?

What poem is in your pocket?



Where Art Is Made


Where Art Is Made

We are builders, makers, hopers, doers.

From clunkers and junkers,

out of shards and clay,

we shape and frame, sort and stir.

Each of us turning grime into gold.


Against fence and lock,

a door swings, a window opens,

a sunflower reaches for a fresh day.


Everything is always growing.


Dirt dusts places not yet alive

and in this gravel of possibility,

we honor the old and worn, the faded and frail,

know that good bones are worth holding.


Deep against rock, trains clack and roll,

we press into paper, scissors and paint,

splattered, gathered, mixed.


With each ding-ding-ding, solid freight

floats our dreams and we clatter, wide awake

in dark, in light, in love and hope.


The day opens, the sky widens, you are here.

Hand in hand, arm in arm, each grip

is a dare to you declared:


Breathe, work, sear and sculpt.

Sew and hold, paint and saw.

Mix and mingle. Break rules, break ground.

Create your self, your world, your now.


On the bridge of progress, we dance and dive,

wonder, wander, taste and make.


With each how and why and what next?

we dig in and reach out

to build in the mind,

a step, a ladder, another sky.


Let’s scaffold the unknown.

In every thing, promise.


— Drew Myron


I love a good collaboration, and this special project brought together all my faves: image, sound & words.

"Where Art Is Made," by Futuristic Films, celebrates the many makers who continue to shape and define the River North Art District (RiNo) in Denver, Colorado. Conceived by Tracy Weil, RiNo's Co-Founder/Creative Director, the film features the spoken word talent of Toluwanimi Obiwole, Denver's first Youth Poet Laureate (2015), and an original poem by Drew Myron (me!). 

As we celebrate National Poetry Month, this artful blend is proof that poetry lives in everything, everywhere, every day.




It's Poetry Month. Let's Write! 

According to Chinese tradition, a garden landscape without poetry is not complete. Poetry, along with rocks, architecture, water, and plants, is one of the five necessary elements of a Chinese garden. 

I'm honored to celebrate National Poetry Month at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon. Please join me for this free workshop. 

Come to Your Senses
 a writing workshop

Lan Su Chinese Garden 
Portland, Oregon 

Wednesday April 12, 2017

3 to 4:30pm

Free with admission. 

Writing comes alive with the detail our senses provide. Using the sense of smell as a trigger, we’ll focus on fresh writing with prompts and practices designed to energize and inspire. 

From poetry to prose, fact to fiction, this 90-minute workshop will serve as a creative springboard in which you’ll generate new work, meet other writers, and share experiences that will help shape, shift and propel your own writing.

This workshop is free with admission to Lan Su Garden, and open to writers of all ages, experience & interests. No registration is required. Drop in, bring pen, paper & your writing mind. 

About Lan Su Chinese Garden
One of Portland, Oregon’s greatest treasures, Lan Su Chinese Garden is more than just a beautiful botanic garden. It’s an inspiring experience based on a 2,000-year-old Chinese tradition that blends art, architecture, design and nature in perfect harmony. 

About the Instructor
Drew Myron is a former newspaper reporter and editor who has covered news, arts, entertainment and travel for AOL, Northwest Best Places and other publications. For over 15 years, she’s headed a marketing communications company specializing in literacy, health and advocacy for the vulnerable. Drew is the author of several books and art collaborations.



Love that line!


[Art] has been reduced to an insult:

"It's a bunch of squiggles that my kid could do" . . .

You want to know how I think art should be taught to children?

Take them to a museum and say, "This is art, and you can't do it." 


— An Object of Beauty 
a novel by Steve Martin 




Daffodils Save the Day


 This is how to bloom

  — for Dee, of daffodil season


And you,

From damp earth

and newborn grass

Born among daffodils.


The sky strains to grow.

You are ruffled edge,

a burn of gold.


And you, in resurrection

In this tender-sun season 

Made from burden and stone


In an urgent quiet, whisper

What are you waiting for?


— Drew Myron