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Thin Skin 

Thin Skin, poems and photos by Drew Myron

Paperback, 99 pages
$12 - Buy at PushPullBooks.com

Every book of poems tells a poet’s life story. Thin Skin tells the story of a poet’s troubled life buoyed by her own compassionate acts, a life emboldened by the resiliency her own empathy gives her. Although marked with the indelible blear of many sunless days, Drew Myron’s world makes …"a large leap into a saffron sky." Her lyric poems map the demanding yet potentially rewarding routes people must take—…"the terrain/ of this generous world."

 — Paulann Petersen
Oregon Poet Laureate


This unique volume adds photos and “backstory” snippets to enhance the understanding of and impact of the five thematic chapters of the collection. Individual poems give the reader some room to roam, but each section is meant to define and convey a particular aspect of the poet’s life on the way to her current state of grace.

Myron’s work admits a lifetime of struggle against a world that rewards boldness. While many can achieve confidence, or at least ease, in something as natural as one deep breath, she has struggled for that same air.

This collection confesses a vulnerability that has fostered a proud strength and authentic voice of empathy in its author. “Thin Skin” exposes the reader to life’s harsh elements, but also shows the way to refuge."

 — Brian Juenemann
Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association

She is the poet laureate of vulnerability!”

— Molly Spencer
The Stanza


$12 - Buy at PushPullBooks.com

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