Thankful Thursday: People Tell Me


Thank you for spending Thankful Thursday with me, for keeping me accountable, appreciative, and grateful for things big and small. Attention attracts gratitude, and gratitude expands joy, and my gratitude grows when shared with you.

Some days are more difficult than others, to find the good, to comb through the junk. Here's what I've found to appreciate this week:

Two Kids Reading
I'm not a fan of the Fourth of July. All the "rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air" leaves me jangled. But I did attend a parade, and I clapped and cheered and demonstrated a festive spirit.

After the parade, amid the clamor of brass bands, hot dogs, and a mass of people wandering about, I spotted the best thing I'd seen all weekend: two kids sitting on the curb of a parking lot, reading.

Amid all the chaos, they were absorbed in their books. The young boy, at one point, stretched out on the asphalt to get more comfy. The girl was so focused not even adorable dogs and ice cream could pry her from the pages. This made my heart sing. I couldn't stop smiling, and days later, I'm still recalling the scene. 

Having It Worse
Dorothy had a stroke, leaving her face immobile. But, she tells me, she's grateful. Her neighbor had a stroke, and is now unable to talk. "Can you imagine not being able to talk to anyone, to tell someone to pass the ketchup, to turn the channel?" she says. "Sometimes when I get down, I just remember that some people have it much worse."   

Thriving along fences, roadways and vacant lots. Wild, rambling, pink. The beauty of the unplanned, a quiet joy. 

My Sister, Laughing
"We try to laugh, but there's not a lot to be happy about right now," my sister tells me. I listen, nod, agree. A bit later we share a giggle about nothing at all, and a relief washes us. 

People tell me to pray for a miracle, but what if laughter is the miracle?  


Please join me in Thankful Thursday, a weekly pause to express appreciation for people, places, things. Big or small, (sweet)pea-sized or profound. What are you thankful for today?