Hardy Boys inspiration

Pen, paper, journal. These are critical tools for writers, dreamers, artists, wanderers. . . . well, anyone, really.

That’s why everyone should have a journal from Ex Libris Anonymous, a Portland, Oregon company recycling old books into quirky journal treasures.

Owner Jacob Deatherrage finds classic used books (Dr. Seuss and the Hardy Boys, for example). He keeps the retro covers but replaces the inside pages with blank sheets, perfect for writing or sketching.

Throughout the books, he retains cover pages, illustrations, library cards, maps and inscriptions that give a worn, warm vibe, and then he reassembles it all together with a black spiral binding. It’s fun! It’s genius! It’s art!

Each time I order a journal – and there are hundreds from which to choose --- I am selfless and giving. I purchase these gems with the best intentions, to gift them to all my friends. But, a few days later, when the journals arrive, I can’t bear to give them away. So clever! So crafty! So mine!

Get yours here.