Scattered and satisfied

Whatcha reading? I've been in a book frenzy, poring through a mix of fiction, mystery and poetry. It's a scattered but satisfying book list.

A few highlights:

Auntie Mame, by Patrick Dennis
I recently found this 1955 classic on my shelf, and was quickly transported to childhood memories of watching Lucille Ball as Mame (I've discovered that Rosalind Russell, who starred in the original version, was much better). Turns out the book has been gathering dust on my shelf for years. It originally belonged to my mother-in-law, who shared it with her son (my husband). He never read it, but I delighted in the fun and breezy romp.

A great book for poetic guidance, direction and encouragement. There are oodles of self-help guides but this one stands out for its nuts-and-bolts, down-to-earth tips and tone. I especially appreciate the section, "do-overs and revision."

My Abandonment by Peter Rock
A thought-provoking novel about a homeless father and daughter who find refuge in an urban forest park in Portland, Oregon. Sad, illuminating, and based on a true story.

Tuesday: Volume 4
This anthology of poems and prose from the central Oregon Coast writers group (that meets every Tuesday) features the work of 21 writers, and a special section on the theme of Highway 34, the scenic link over the coastal mountain range and into the Willamette Valley.

The group holds a soft spot for me; When I moved to the coast five years ago, the Tuesday group welcomed me with warmth and kindness. There, I met Fred Strauss and Brian Hanna, who introduced me to Seashore Family Literacy, which introduced me to a new world of purpose and poetry . . . At only $5, this book is a screaming deal — and who knows where it may lead you!

Now, it's your turn. What are you reading, and what do you recommend? Light, dark, fancy or frightful, I'm ready to read.