Book haze, laze, craze

Am I alone in my shopping haze? As in laze. As in behind the curve and calendar. As in Christmas is 2 weeks away and I have not one gift in hand.

It's not enthusiasm I lack, or even ideas. While I was hovered over my coffee cup in a feeble reach for heat, I lost track of days and deadlines and decisions.

My favorite gifts to give and get are books but this year even that path has come up short. Over the years, I've given all my faves: Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott; Refuge by Terry Tempest Williams; Comfort me with Apples by Ruth Reichl; Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. (Forgive me, friends and family, for sending the same book to you again and again. My tracking has a faulty system — my memory). Last year, in a dreadful display of self-promotion, I even gifted my own book: Forecast: A Word-Art Collaboration.

I need new titles. Won't you help a harried shopper? What books are you giving this year? What books do you hope to receive?