A gallery, a puppet, and more

How will Forecast inspire you? We asked the question but I’m not sure we were fully prepared for the response. Forecast, the word-art pairing that began as a collaboration of my poems with Tracy Weil’s paintings, has stirred unexpected elaborations.

Created first as an art exhibition, Forecast showed last fall to enthusiastic crowds at Weilworks Gallery in Denver.

Then it was an exhibition book, in vivid four-color, hardcover glory.

Then it was an online gallery, offering links to the book, poems and poster prints.

Then it was a Fan Club, drawing Facebook applause.

With Forecast, Tracy and I aimed to blend the creative arts to reach an audience of people who wouldn’t normally appreciate or gravitate toward art or poetry. Again and again, we asked: How will Forecast inspire you?

And the answer is: Forecast has now gone nutty, with an endearing puppet providing a dose of literary levity.

What’s next? An Ice Capades interpretation? A showing at the Disney World art gallery (and is there such a place?). Forecast is now hitting the road, looking to drop in for a chat, a film, a showing near you. Have you room? time? desire?