Once daily

I like Amie Hollmann’s work (at right). As an artist and writer, she shows style. But even more, she’s got commitment.

Her Verse Project is a daily creation of art. She’s made a one-year commitment to create a daily expression of faith on a postcard-size canvas.

I’ve been thinking a great deal about commitment and marveling at the various demonstrations of creative dedication.

The prolific poet William Stafford is famed for awakening at 4am each day to pen a poem. In his 79 years, he wrote 67 volumes of poetry.

Earlier this month, as I was berating my own writing practice (as in, Why don’t you write a poem a day? What’s wrong with you?) I received a Valentine note in the (real, old-fashioned) mail. It was from Carrie, a client-turned-friend, who wrote that her New Year’s resolution was to write a message by hand daily. I was that day's recipient. I love this idea.

Much like Amie’s Verse Project, Carrie’s daily commitment provides pleasure for both the creator and the audience. Perhaps this is the secret: When we create for ourselves, we make others happy, too.

Judyth Hill offers a simple and profound perspective on creative commitment. In the poem Take It from the Top (from her book Black Hollyhock, First Light) she writes:

Writing a poem a day is difficult.
But if the world can start from scratch daily,
how hard is it to notice?