Sit still or soar

Fred — my friend and colleague at Seashore Family Literacy — and I enjoy a friendly dispute. I say poetry comes alive when read aloud. I want to hear the words soar across the room, dip in the corners, and circle back in a way that sweeps me up and leaves me a bit dizzy and sated.

Fred likes to absorb the poem as it behaves on the page, where he can digest each word and its place on the blank canvas of paper. I see his point.

But I’m greedy, I want it all.

Now, with Linebreak, we can both be happy. Linebreak is an online journal publishing one poem a week, complete with audio versions so visitors can both read the words and savor the sound.

The site combines a clever name with quality work and a clean design. For those who want to sit still, and for those who want to soar with sound, Linebreak fills a need and greed.