Off the page, the hook, the charts . . .

Off the Page was off the charts!

Held this past Saturday night, the third annual event packed the house. Over 70 people attended, filling every seat, tabletop and even the floor. Many squeezed in doorways and leaned against walls to enjoy the word extravaganza.

Two days later and I am still buzzing with gratitude — for the encouraging crowd, for the engaging writers, and for the buzz of creativity circling this community.

Books sales were brisk and the table pulsed with eager readers. Did you get your books? If not, no worries. You can still purchase, at the source:

• Words Out Loud, poetry & flash fiction by Khlo Brateng. Go here.

• Kevin's Quicksand, a novel by Sheila Evans. Go here.

• Beyond Forgetting: Poetry and Prose on Alzheimer's Disease, featuring work by Kake Huck, Mark Thalman and Drew Myron. Go here.

• Every Last Cuckoo, a novel by Kate Maloy. Go here.

• Forecast, a horoscope-inspired word-art collaboration by Drew Myron and Tracy Weil. Go here.

• When Movie Was a Band: The True Story of My Short Life as a Rhythm Guitar Player, a memoir by Rick Schultze. Go here.

• Catching the Limit, poetry by Mark Thalman will be published soon. Get updates here.

Special thanks to:
Green Salmon Coffeehouse for supporting the arts and letting us invade (and rearrange) the space.
Shamrock Lodgettes for providing rooms for our visiting writers.
Richard Sharpless for setting a cool-coffeehouse-music vibe.
• Writers far and near, for taking part and sharing words & good spirits.
• An encouraging audience who filled the room with laughter, energy and enthusiasm.

Thank you!