Fibbing along

Recently enamored with the short form poem, last week I shared my love of the fib. Named after the mathematical Fibonacci sequence, the fib is a six-line, 20 syllable poem with a count of: 1/1/2/3/5/8.

Jill Reedy Groseclose took a try and produced a modified fib.

“[It’s] one syllable short,” she says of her first fib. “Kind of a theme in my life...”

In this poem, Jill, who is my cousin, fills family references into just a few lines, giving a nod to our mothers (both voracious readers), to our grandmother (a master crossword-er), and to our recent reconnection.

To find you so in love
With words, Their shape and sound

Them too!
Malleable and enduring
Are the words our inheritance?

The poem is a loose interpretation of a traditional fib. But I like that the piece bends the rules to represent its “fibness.” Isn't a fib, after all, just a soft fabrication of malleable facts?

Thank you, Jill.

Keep those fibs coming!