Pick me!

Writing White Papers has announced its 4th annual Best Blogs for Writers contest.

To this, I say: Pick me! Pick me!

Reason 1: Few things are more self-serving than a blog. I’ll set aside false humility and admit this blogosphere is deep and dark and I could use a thin slant of light.

Reason 2: Let’s show ‘em a writing blog that blends art and words while encouraging creative leaps.

Reason 3: Is anyone out there? Your vote could be the balm to allay fears that I am all alone in this literary life.

Vote now! It's easy, and operators (or blog masters?) are standing by, eager to accept your opinion.

To vote, visit Writing White Paper's nominations page. Entries must include:

Blog name: Off the Page by Drew Myron

URL: http://drewmyron.com/main.htm

A brief explanation of why you read this blog.

Entries are due Sept. 11, 2009.

Thank you!