Gratitude looks best in cursive

I love January, so full of fresh starts and determination. And I get giddy with the thank you notes this season requires. I love the excuse to write messages — and even full letters! — in a long, careful hand that demands pause and consideration. Because I was three steps behind this entire holiday, I'm using thank you notes as a replacement for the Christmas cards I intended to, but never did, send. Now I get to take my time and pick a card to match each recipient. Funky? Formal? Lined and structured, or scrappy and handmade?

My latest favorite card artist is Kristin Loganbill at Moontea Artwork. From her farm-studio near the Oregon Coast, she creates handsome and homey blockprints. Her art prints now adorn our walls, and her notecards are the ideal instrument to deliver gratitude and glee.