A few good things

Empire State Building, photograph by Thomas Hawk, appearing on tinywords.com

My head is full of assorted goodies. Let me share a few with you:

Tiny Words
Clean, spare design and strong work makes this website stand out from the crush of touchy-feely poetry choices. At Tiny Words, each season offers a new theme, and this fall the emphasis is on urban haiku. Bring on the city grit!

The Writer's Almanac
Free is my favorite word (along with frugal, bargain and betwixt). Everyday, The Writer's Almanac, a Garrison Keillor project, emails me a fresh poem for free. Some I love. Some I don't. But like fishing, a day of bad poems beats no poems at all.

Spirit First Poetry Contest
In 2010, its inaugural year, this contest received 750 poems from 42 states and 23 countries. It's back again — with cash prizes. Even better, there's no entry fee. That's what they call nothing to lose.