You can't wear a poem.

Read. Write. Repeat  . . .
May I offer a brief distraction?

Because life is more than words and you can't wear a poem, I like to amble through the fashion blogs.

I'm not interested in runway looks, emaciated models, or sticker shock. I'm a realist. I like stylish, affordable (read: thrifted) bargains.

Here are a few of my latest, favorite, fashion-focused blogs:

B. Jones Style

What I Wore

Hillary Quinn - The Bargain Hunter

I'm still searching for a fashion blog created by and for women over 40. No frump. No ladies who lunch. No overly natural looks. Does this niche even exist? Am I the only one on this hunt?

How about you? Where do you find fashion inspiration? Has fashion inspired your literary life? Or, conversely, has literature inspired your wardrobe ? (i.e. Are you wearing a bookish tweed blazer with elbow patches? Or a white house dress, ala Emily Dickinson?).

What's in your closet?