A flood of moments

Earlier this year, Spirit First put out a call for poems on the themes of meditation, mindfulness, silence, stillness and solitude. With this simple gesture, the nonprofit organization kicked off their first annual poetry contest.

Response was overwhelming: A flood of 741 poems, from 42 states, and 23 countries.

Winners were chosen.
Poems posted.
Cash prizes awarded.

But that wasn't enough.

Recognizing the bounty of good work, Spirit First Director Diana Christine Woods suggested a book.

The result is Moments of the Soul: Poems of meditation and mindfulness by writers of every faith. The book features 84 poems by 61 poets from all over the world.

I am honored to be a contest winner and to have two poems — Unless You and Last Light — in the book. And I am grateful for the steady, earnest effort of Diana Christine Woods, and humbled to be in the company of creative, introspective writers.

Moments of the Soul can be purchased ($12) here and here.

Note: The deadline nears for the second annual 2011 Spirit First Poetry Contest. Submit your poems by January 31, 2011. For details, go here.