Seashore serendipity

You've heard me chatter about my work with Seashore Family Literacy, the nonprofit organization for which I volunteer, lead writing groups, create marketing materials . . .

Well, if you'll indulge me once more, I'm giddy with a wave of serendipity and want to share it with you. Just this week:

• Senitila McKinley, Seashore's founder/director, was featured in the Portland Oregonian.

Go here to read the story about our very own 'Mother Teresa.' (With thanks to writer Lori Tobias and photographer Faith Cathcart).

• We launched the Seashore website, packed with photos, news and events. (With thanks to my longtime friend and colleague Tracy Weil, of Weilworks, for another great word-art-design collaboration) Go here.

• We joined Facebook. Be our 'friend', 'fan' or just take a gander for grins. Go here.