Luck runs in

April brought a bounty of good books and good luck my way. May has been unusually charmed, too.

Because my good fortune involves absolutely no skill, I'm not boasting. I wrote my name and hit 'send.' I like my wins without fret, frazzle or fear.   

In honor of National Poetry Month, several blogs hosted Poetry Book Giveaways (thanks to mastermind & poet Kelli Agodon). I was happy to give away books, and even happier to win one.  

I won Subject to Change by Matthew Thorburn. He writes in a wonderfully natural voice, while displaying a mind of complex and drifting associations. Thorburn crafts a solid collection of what one writer called post-postmodern poems. Line after line rings with insight and a knowing sort of humor:

. . . What is it with me and this small stuff,

anyway? I staple in quotes anything

you say, so it will stay. "What about those

for-instances?" I count them off

on my fingers. For instance, "Sometimes

things fall into place just so you can hear them

click." For instance, when I say "you"

I mean you. For instance, the dark

taste of fennel on the wet

 little heart of your tongue.  . .  

from Friends Who are Married and Expecting More Babies 


But wait, wait, that's not all! This week I won another blog-based drawing (really, really, I never win anything — until this last month). Dawn at She is Too Fond Of Books gave away several copies of Austin Kleon’s Newspaper Blackout. I’m a big fan of Kleon’s work and can’t wait to read more of his unique scratch-out-words poetry.

(Dawn, by the way, is a generous blog hostess, offering numerous book giveways. You can’t win if you don’t enter.)

Is there anything better than unexpected books? I'm feeling grateful and well fed. Thank you book writers, lovers & givers. Your kindness gives and gives.