Thankful Thursday: Lips, Sun, Run

It's Thankful Thursday!

Gratitude. Appreciation. Praise. Please join me in a weekly pause to appreciate people, places & things that bring joy.

This week, I am thankful for:

From the department store or drug store, I love them all. Lipstick brightens my face and my mood. Such simple pleasure for such little effort.

On the Oregon Coast, admitting that I hunger for sun, dread grey, and struggle through rain brands me a spineless outsider (even though I was born in Portland!).  But I can't hide, fake, or pretend any longer: Sun makes me happy, gives me pep, gets me out of bed, out of my head, and into life. I am thankful for the two days of summer — i.e., blue sky, full sun, 70 degrees — we had last week.

I never imagined my weak lungs could carry my thick legs out of the house, down the hill, to the beach and back. As a severe asthmatic with a missing half lung, I am beyond grateful that my body and mind have colluded to allow me to run. Thank you, lungs, for expanding just enough to give me breath and hope.

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