Thankful Thursday: Wine Words

Wine is poetry in a bottle.

For years I've rolled my eyes at the adage, but now I am delighted to see poetry not just in the bottle but on the bottle.

On their next: wine, King Estate Winery in Eugene, Oregon, offers a fabulous label and a creative back-of-the-bottle poem:

next:  2008 oregon pinot noir

next: is a statement
next: is a question
next: reminds us that
we always stand
at a crossroads,
that we are all poets,
all philosophers,
the makers and keepers
of our own dreams,
that we might bring wine to our friends
that we might share both
wine and words together,
folded into a moment
on the edge of the next.

The poem shows no author, and I am perpetually curious:  Is this the work of an ad agency? (and, if so, how do I get this gig?) Or a poem via a sister, who has a friend, who has a neighbor that is a poet?

I couldn't bear to appreciate the poem (especially those last two lines) and not know its author. A quick bit of sleuthing solved the mystery. The poem was written by Ed King, founder and CEO of King Estate Winery.

Turns out Ed likes to read and write poems, and he often supports nonprofit organizations that publish and promote poetry and the arts.

I'll drink to that! Hooray to top-down creativity! Power and poems to the people!


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