Love this line

Jackie has complicated peroxide hair and she dresses like something out of a Tom Waits diner; that day she was wearing white pedal pushers and a red polka-dot top with ruffles in bewildering places.

— from Faithful Place, by Tana French

I don't know how I found this book. One day it was at the top of my stack. I didn't recognize the author or the title.  The novel is a mystery, written by a woman in the voice of a man. It's set in Dublin, and it's 400 pages long. Nothing about this book said pick me.

I was resistant, but by page 20, at the Tom Waits reference, I was committed. A few chapters later, I was feeling  a familiar and pleasant conundrum: I was eager to keep reading but didn't want the book to end.

What are you reading? Anything unexpected?