Thankful Thursday: Gratitude Rock

This is a Gratitude Rock.

Every year, Sara sends us homemade Christmas cards and gifts. One year a miniature totem pole. Another  year a three-dimensional, wood Christmas tree. A pickle-in-a-jar ornament. A handmade coffee table. And my all-time favorite: my very own, in-house mailbox!

This year she sent a triangle of green cloth, with this message:

Every time you touch or see your gratitude rock, you are supposed to think of anything in life that you are thankful for. I now keep one in my pocket, using it to think of my good life, nice home, wonderful dog, loving friends & family, and a great job with inspiring students [Sara is a teacher]. I generally touch it at least twice a day . . . being ever so grateful that I do have so many things to be thankful for.

I love this gift, and I especially like that Sara sewed the rock into a pouch, creating a gift of the rock, and a gift of gratitude, too.

We hung the green triangle, still sewn shut, on the Christmas tree. Yesterday, as we packed away the holiday decor, I snipped the stitches and found the precious stone inside. 

Thank you Sara, for making thankfulness touchable, solid, simple and real.