I Sing the Book Electric!*

We've come a long way baby!  Book and blog — we've gone digital.

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About the Book
Using daily horoscopes as a launching point, writer Drew Myron tumbled and turned astrological prose into what she calls “horoscope poems,” a form that — like a horoscope — directs and suggests.

Complementing the poems are 12 interpretive oil paintings by artist Tracy Weil. In a style that has been called “Dr. Seuss meets Van Gogh,” Weil paints imagined landscapes where realism and surrealism meet in a colorful world both playful and profound.

Collaborating for over 20 years, Weil and Myron share an unusual approach to the creative process: They encourage ‘accidents’ to emerge. In this space of adventure and play, the duo blend forms to create inventive, accessible art. The result is a combination of chance and possibility, the zing of what is and what could be — in art and in everyday life.

What's your sign? Each of the works are sign specific. Which one speaks to you? A key is included in the back of the book.

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* as in:
- I Sing the Body Electric
, a 1855 poem from Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman
- A song from the  film Fame (1980 film).