Common Bowl

Common Bowl Dinner
Warm the body, soothe the soul & make a difference

A benefit for Seashore Family Literacy

Sunday, March 6 at 5pm
at the Waldport Community Learning Center
in Waldport, Oregon
$10 for adults, children 12 and under by donation

Enjoy six soups, salad & bread
Choose your bowl, and take it home, too!

For tickets and info: Seashore Family Literacy, 541-563-7326

Every bowl is a prayer

for Senitila

The Common Bowl replaces the common prayer
and we are no less reverent. Circled and embraced,

we link in a necklace of connection, grasp in the other
a piece of ourselves. She makes bowls, open and wide,

hands crafting from emptiness something out of nothing.
It is not magic this finish both rough and bright, and we are

no less cracked and patched. Peculiar, particular, resilient,
in our need we take turns to weep and shine. We grip the

bowl greedy for more, shamed with want, humbled
in desire, cleansed in the bounty of spirit shared.

- Drew Myron