Restless traveler

I am a restless traveler.

Here's my routine:

1. Finish the one mediocre book I have, then natter at my travel partner who is engrossed in a fabulous novel and annoyed at my prattle. 

2. Wear the type off any newspaper, and an assortment of magazines, including, but not limited to, People, O, Elle, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Us Weekly (I didn't buy it. It was left on the chair. Honest), National Geographic (I didn't buy this either but it does balance out the tabloid trash), and in desperation, Popular Mechanics.

3. Inhale snack foods, search for more, and then battle fierce guilt, remorse and bloat over my indulgence.

All this occurs before I board the plane. 

Thank goodness for Newspaper Blackout Poems, a poetic form mastered by Austin Kleon. This process appeals to my scrappy belief that Poetry is everywhere! You just gotta find it.

Got a minute, or hours? Grab a pen and some printed material —  any newspaper or magazine will do. (For added chuckles, use the Sky Mall magazine). Simply highlight, eliminate and create!

In no time at all, the flight attendant will rally travelers with the universal call, Put your seats and tray tables to the upright position. And you'll depart, or perhaps arrive, with the satisfaction of creativity in action.



To restore the soul
perch between an ocean
and a garden.

Follow the dandelions.
Escape the wealth of order.

Follow the miles of trees
and plant
a fresh air solution.

— Drew Myron