Random acts of reading

Lately, my acts of literature are passive: reading.

You know that saying? A bad day of fishing is better than no fishing at all. I feel the same about reading. I haven't been enthralled with all of my latest reads, but I'm always happy to engage in the act.

I started two novels that I did my darndest to like but could not press on. I won't mention names because that just seems mean (but catch me in private and I might spill). I also slogged through a book thinking the story would develop, the characters would charm, but to no avail. I felt so played. Maybe it's me. I'm cranky, impatient, hard to please? But the world is full of books, and readers, so maybe it's not always me.

How about you, what are you reading? I'm nosy, and hungry for good books. In fair play, I'll share first:

by Anita Shreve
The prolific novelist keeps turning 'em out. And though I have trouble keeping the stories straight, each book keeps me riveted to the page.


Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain
by Portia De Rossi
Do we need another memoir from another actress? No, but this was a nice surprise in both quality and content. On a related note, book covers are looking good lately. I love good design, and this cover, and the one above, seem especially evocative.


What I Talk About When I Talk About Running
by Haruki Murakami
A novelist who runs, or a runner who writes?  Both! This book, chronicling the author's experience running marathons and ultramarathons, is inspiring and exhausting.


The Insomniac's Weather Report
by Jessica Goodfellow
These poems are complex and I'm intrigued. I've just begun the book — published last month — and it's clear I'm going to need to read, absorb and circle back.

Your turn. What are you reading, or trying to read?