Thankful Thursday: thx thx thx

It's Thankful Thursday, a weekly pause to appreciate people, places and things.

Today I am thankful for a Leah Dieterich, a woman who shares my love of the thank you note. Her book, thx thx thx: thank goodness for everything is a collection of her thank you notes to the world.

From houseguests to laziness, clean sheets to berets, Leah appreciates the everyday in a daily record of gratitude. Neither saccharine or sentimental, Leah's notes show great mindfulness.

"A few years ago I was living in the future," she explains in the book's foreword. "Not in a sci-fi kind of way, but in that I spent a lot of time thinking about what I'd do when this or that happened, or what I'd do if it didn't. It was stressful to live like that all the time. There were occasions, however, when I felt more calm, more satisfied, and I noticed these were the moments I stopped to think about all the things I had right then and there. The things I was grateful for."

She acknowledges that a thick book of small notes is a tough sell, and even turns that awareness into a thank you note: "I realize a book of thank you notes could come off as overly sentimental, syrupy even, so I applaud you for being less cycnical than the average person."