Build a new dictionary


1.  the writing, editing, or compiling of a dictionary.


Word lovers, please join me in building a new lexicon. Ink and Famine is redefining the world — and it's great fun. 

"A new world demands a new lexicon," explain the anonymous lexicographers heading the redefinition revolution. "Each round we choose four words to interpret in as many new poetic iterations as we please."

Readers are encouraged to submit their definitions in poems of seven lines or less. Every week (or so), a selection of entries are posted, along with four new words.

The last round of words included carapace and caravan. I didn't know the definition of carapace  so I looked it up in my trusty, albeit traditional, dictionary, and then rewrote what it means to me in the form of a lune (3-5-3 words):



mildewed shame carried

in my body's every dark

and secret cell.                  

And I reinvented caravan, as a haiku (5-7-5ish syllables):



a reckless train rams

anger against intellect

into endlessness        


Isn't this fun? Now, it's your turn. Go to Ink and Famine — and redefine the world.