Let's Eat!

Yowza! It's a Thanks Giving Feast of Words.

When I called for thankful-themed writing, I had no idea the response would be so rich. I'm delighted with the offerings, and happy to be surrounded by friends old and new, near and far. Let's feast!

We'll start with a piece by singer-songwriter Jo Jo Russell Krajick, who explains that Ryan Road "is a private dirt lane traversing a farm near Rhinebeck, NY."

Walking Private Ryan

I never walk alone down this quiet road lined with ivy choked oaks,
Some hollowed out apartment houses for squirrelly creatures
Who dart and peak and stare and hide and live
And remind me whose neighborhood this road traverses.  

I never walk alone as the road is crowded with other friends and acquaintances
Who fly overhead and swoop thru branches or creep thru the grasses
Or cluster for warmth in the rolling fields with their tagged ears,
Some thousand pounds of stately flesh and hooves posing blankly in the breeze.  

I never walk alone for I am kept company by my ever-present thoughts
Though moments before confounded, disturbed and annoyed,
Now tagging along serenely and full of youth and vitality
Like an innocent child of the world skipping along clueless, happy.  

I never walk alone over the intimately familiar winding pathway,
A thread whose length is long enough to mend the small tears in my daily fabric,
Whose width and breadth and panorama open my eyes to the skies,
The landscape, the earth and the endless possibilities of my life before me.    

 — Jo Jo Russell Krajick

Let's continue, with a poem by Senitila McKinley, director of Seashore Family Literacy, and an artist whose latest work is creating colorful paper mache bowls.

making common bowls

delivered flowers today
to the living and the dead
food as well to the hungry
there is no place for me to eat
the table heaps of my own creations
you would call it messy
I am lonely, mess is now my best friend 
I am grateful that I can find joy
in turning old papers into bowls.


Please pull up a chair and join in the feast. Share your poems, paragraphs, prayers and praises in the comments section below, or send by email to dcm@drewmyron.com.

In this feast of words, more is the merry. We could be feasting all week!