Do you know what this is?

In this digital age, I'm an antique — and not in that retro, vintage, hipster-chick-cool kind of way. Case in point: I don't text, don't like cell phones, and prefer to write with that old-fashioned apparatus called a hand.

The image you see here is a datebook, also known as a day planner. Remember those? It's a portable calendar, on paper, with spaces to write your appointments, deadlines and important events (my birthday, for instance). This datebook is especially nice because it features art and poems by over 30 women, and includes a poem by me.

The 2013 Women Artists Datebook is published by the Syracuse Cultural Workers, a progressive publisher committed to peace, sustainability, social justice, feminism and multiculturalism (or, more simply, they dig peace, love & understanding), and can be purchased here.

And because I am perhaps one of the few people left hoarding paper, the Women Artists Datebook may now be a rare (and collectible?) gem. Due to declining sales, the publisher has reduced the print run, and is reconsidering future versions.

This seems an excellent time to celebrate the old ways with a new datebook. Support the arts, write by hand!