Thankful Thursday: Three Things

It's Thankful Thursday.
Gratitude. Appreciation. Praise.
Please join me in a weekly pause
to appreciate people, places & things.

I'm running. Bedraggled (read history here), I am ready to surrender to my wheezing lungs when a runner approaches. She's fast and beautiful in that slender-lean-young runner way. As we pass each other, she raises her arm to a high-five. No words are exchanged, just my stunned smile and a sudden lift in my step. Thank you Anonymous Runner for a kind gesture that encouraged me on. 

“Grief is a beautiful thing, not something to be afraid of, but to enjoy because it is still a gift," says artist Senitila McKinley. This Saturday night, Senitila and I will debut Sweet Grief, our collaboration of poems and paintings. The show runs April 20 - May 20, 2012 in Seal Rock, Oregon, and we've also published a book. I am thankful for this heart-changing project with a heart-changing friend.

It's been a full week. When I get wrapped up in deadlines and demands, I'm thankful for this survival strategy from Jessica Hagy at Indexed:


Enough about me, what are you thankful for today?