Try This: Five Things

It's been a string of busy days, allowing little rest and even less reflection. My writing life needs some feeding. Yours, too?

Between errands, work and household chores, there's sometimes little room for creative life. A few of my friends show great discipline by writing in life's tight spaces: in the waiting room, on the ball field, in the dark of dawn. I'm not (yet) so determined.

But last night, restless with the void of my own written words, I squeezed in a brief, before-bed writing session — and it felt great!

As inspiration I turned to Twenty Things Morning Reveals, a keen example of acute observation, in Kathleen Dean Moore's book Wild Comfort: The Solace of Nature

I used her example — but I started small, with just five things. I found the more I wrote, the more I wanted to keep writing (Isn't this usually the case, and why do I need constant reminder of this fact?).

Six Things Today Revealed

1. At 7am, low tide, light shines on mossy rock, turning the beach into a beautiful green glow.

2. A sunny summer morning on the Oregon Coast feels like a crisp Colorado autumn. Is everything something else, a trigger for days long passed?

3. A clutch of foxglove line my path. Life is lush, always growing.

4. Rain draws near, grows heavy, stretches my fear.

5. Momentum matters. Once I begin — making, doing, being — it's easy to keep going.

6. The moon is a butter-yellow crescent, a sideways smile, a comma. Can I carry this pause into my sleep? Can I slow every memory into a soft, steady dream?

Try This
: Write your own Ten Things (or two, five, twenty, or more). This prompt is a great exercise in observation. Tell me how it works for you. Or, even better, share your results in the Comments Section below.