Lines that bring me back

  For the lonely, the bridge is a seam
  between two skies.

- Julia B. Levine
excerpt from
Golden Gate

It's heartbreaking some days, the beauty of language.

I have walked away, away from words. Between productivity and creativity, a division is made and I have lived in an urgency to get this done and that started. Everything is a checklist to the next set of things undone things, people untended.

Deep in the fog of work and chores, I have wasted days. Still, words stirred, called to me. Come back, they urged.


  The birds move like ballet dancers in the air
  but sound like truckers at a roadside bar.

- Debra Smith
from Terns flock to Everett paper mill after it closes


Today, I woke again, startled. After days of numb, I am drawn to an evocative line, a catchy phrase, the whirl of words. How had I missed them? How I had missed them!

  Silence can be a plan
  rigorously executed

  the blueprint to a life

  It is a presence
  it has a history     a form

  Do not confuse it
  with any kind of absence

- Adrienne Rich
excerpt from Cartographies of Silence


 What words call you? What lines or phrases draw you in, bring you back to yourself?