In Praise of the Easy Read

Sometimes you want the light read.

In bed, just before sleep, I want to engage but don’t wanna work for it. 

Or, I'm traveling, wedged into the center seat in peasant class. (I've heard tales of first-class travel. Don’t wax on, I can’t take the dream deferred). A head cold is coming. I can feel an ache moving through every limb. I need a fatigue read, something that will entertain.

Thank goodness, then, for Valley of the Dolls, Killer Smile, and Where’d You Go, Bernadette.

I like 'em light, snappy, saucy, with an easy suspension of disbelief. Life is not a literary competition. Admit it, you read mass market mysteries, beach books, light lit, and other “low-brow” selections.

C’mon, spill it, what’s your easy read?