Thankful Thursday: Grab Bag

•  a $2 thrift store blouse   massage   a box of books •  poemcrazy by susan wooldridge •  waking to sun   lungs to run   legs to climb •  the idea of pink brussel sprouts •  bubble bath •  olive oil   these words from anne carson: it is when you are asking about something that you realize you yourself have survived it, and so you must carry it, or fashion it into a thing that carries itself   wedge heels   a quick easy laugh   once, when I was 23, sad, and living alone in a big and dreary city, an elderly man stopped me in the produce section of the grocery store. you are pretty, he said. i was overweight, overwrought, and not at all pretty but it didn't matter because in three words he eased the pressing isolation of invisibility. maybe that is the best gift: to be seen


It's Thankful Thursday. Please join me in a weekly pause to express appreciation for people, places, things and more. What are you thankful for today?