Thankful Thursday: What's a typewriter?

People give me things.

This week my husband gave me the thrill of ebay, and I promptly scored a pair of knee-high, leather boots (in camel — my favorite neutral).

Reb gave me the word temperance. Not the Ken Burns Prohibition sort requiring rash abstinence, but a gentler form of the word that suggests that of the middle way, of calm. The minute she presented the word, it fit. I've been wearing this word all week, as mantra, as reminder.

Dee gave me this necklace, and an explanation that made me sigh:

"I was in a small store where these were displayed. A mom was talking to her daughter about how these necklaces looked like typewriter keys. Typewriter keys! the daughter responded. What are typewriter keys? The mother shrugged off the question and went on looking through the store.

I wanted to grab the little girl and tell her that typewriters are where secrets are kept and you have to be very special and very talented to uncover the secrets of the keys . . . The necklace called to you."

On this Thankful Thursday I am grateful for gifts, and the people who give them.

It's Thankful Thursday! Please join me in a weekly pause to express gratitude for people, places, things and more. What are you thankful for today?