Bookish & Curious

photo by ginnyI'm curious. You might say nosy. But, really, I'm just unusually interested.

Forget the medicine cabinet. Your big bottle of valium doesn't bat my eye. If I really want to know you, I'll sift through your bookshelf.

Jane Austen. Edward Abbey. Emily Post. Danielle Steele. Glenn Beck. Rachel Carson. Ayn Rand. Homer. Stephen King. Kama Sutra.

I'm not judging, just looking. No, really.

Thanks to a new feature at Push Pull Books my reading list is growing. At 3 Good Books I invite writers and artists to share their favorite books on a given topic.

It's been illuminating and fun, and akin to nosing around private closets and cabinets — but with permission. Here, take a peek:  

Hannah Stephenson (poet) on Artists

Allyson Whipple (poet/playwright) on Roadtrips & Realizations

Penelope Scambly Schott (poet) on Strong Women

Tracy Weil (painter) on Play

Have you read any of their favorites?