Thankful Thursday on Friday

gratitude's mixed bag

• the word marvelous • the first gin & tonic • national poetry month (next week!) • hanging on, letting go, knowing when and how and why • fresh air • reading the first page of a fresh book and thinking yes, this will be good • restaurants in which I don't have to shout or strain to talk and hear • sore muscles as proof that something is moving and working and alive • receiving a kind note • tears • shoes that slow me down but pick me up • a knowing laugh • a quick wit • guacamole • the hand that reaches across fog and rain and sadness to find mine • the ordinary duck, the fancy flamingo •


Please join me for Thankful Thursday, a weekly pause to appreciate people, places, things & more. Why? Because gratitude shifts your perspective, and expands your heart. Also, thankfulness is just good manners. What are you thankful for today?