Thankful Thursday: Frivolous

On this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for the frivolous fancies for nearly free (I'm also thankful for alliteration):

• Watermelon. Just $5 for fresh, crisp, summertime bliss.

• Tickled Pink lipstick. A pick-me-up at only $6.

• A card from a friend that made me sigh, then cry, then smile.

• Cashmere sweater in chartreuse by Neiman Marcus — at Goodwill, for $7! No holes! No wear!

• Sunshine, swimming, reading, a long stretch on a beach blanket — free, free, free, free.

The best things in life are (nearly) free. Yes, yes, I'm all cliches.

It's Thankful Thursday, and I'm counting the ways.

Please join me in this weekly pause to express appreciation for the big and small things in life — people, places, things and more. Gratitude generates gratitude. The more you see, the deeper the joy.

What are you thankful for today?