Happiness is a fresh stack of books. I can't wait to dig into these:

Small Disasters Seen in Sunlight — new poetry by Julia B. Levine, a psychologist working with abused children. Her previous book, Ditch Tender, is one of my favorites

Be Thrifty: How to Live Better with Less — because I'm a minimalist who loves discounts and deals (note: I bought a used copy)

Dear Thief by Samantha Harvey — a novel/letter/love story

Deep Water by Patricia Highsmith — this is my first venture into this revered writer's psychological thrillers

Shadows of the Workhouse by Jennifer Worth — second book in the Call the Midwife series (which the PBS show is based upon)

Euphoria, by Lily King — her newest novel (I liked her last book, Father of the Rain)

Delicious!, by Ruth Reichl — though she's written numerous books, this is the restaurant critic's first work of fiction (Tender at the Bone was a fantastic memoir of her childhood)


What's on your shelf? What are you eager to read?