Misreading: These small jolts

Am I moving too fast, or thinking too slow?

Another batch of misreadings has accrued:

Garbage Sale
actual sign: Garage Sale
But, really, isn't garbage refreshingly honest?

Point of Internet
actual sign: Point of Interest
Imagine my disappointment when the historic cabin had no wifi.

Now Hiring EVIL Teachers
actual ad: Now Hiring ELL Teachers
This, I discovered, stands for English Language Learners, so bonus points for this "teachable moment."

Let You In
actual lyrics: Let you win.
For years — yes, years — I've loudly and proudly sung along with Macy Gray. Last week, I realized the words to one of my favorite songs are not: Let you in, let you in, let you in. The actual lyrics are: Let you win, let you win, let you win.

I cannot abide. I prefer my version, and will continue to croon incorrectly: Let you IN, let you IN, let you IN . . .

The great thing about misreadings is the gift in the shift of perspective. These small jolts lead to questions, wonder and wanderings. What if? How about? This is the stuff of story and poem. These shiftings are just what we need to nudge us awake. When you stir the mind, the pen will follow.