Thankful Thursday: Are you in?

Everyone in!

From pebble to peak, from profound to profane, it's time again for Thankful Thursday.

Because attention attracts gratitude and gratitude expands joy, it's time to slice through the ugly and get to the good.

What you need now isn't the work
Of regret but the work of gratitude.
And all it takes to be grateful is to feel grateful.


Go back to the beginning and embrace its bounty.
Beneath the story of cause and consequence
Another story is pointing another way.


— Carl Dennis
excerpt from Not the End

Let's make a new story, start a new song.  Are you in?

Another story

Morning sun. A distant view. Your voice.
After a season of doubt, a small certainty.
The crocus return, as they do, each late winter.

The sky clears, as it does.

A bluebird sails before me, catches my step.
This is not metaphor. This is Monday.
I know the ache of reaching to meet spring.

The beautiful ache.

- Drew Myron


It's Thankful Thursday. Please join me.
What are you thankful for today?