Thankful Thursday: Falling Off

Art by Shirley McPhillips

At first, I collected gratitudes easily:

Thank you for coffee made by someone who loves me.
Thank you for the thrift shop score (two skirts!)

Thank you for a good sleep.
Thank you for warm sun.

As the week wore on, my gratitude weakened:

Thanks for getting me to the gas station before I ran out of gas.
Thanks that I didn't break my arm while rollerblading (yes, I'm living in 1995).
Thank god these jeans still fit (but barely).

By yesterday, my gratitude devolved to grumbles:

Why is this line so long?
How hard is it to return a phone call?
Do I have to do everything?

Like exercise and good health, it's easy to take the high road when you're already walking in the light. One stumble and you fall away, gratitude and cheer clattering along with you. Gray skies, scuffed knees and sour spirit.

I don't have a cure.

But this morning I gazed upon this card, made just for me by a poet-friend correspondent, and thought, "Well, isn't that nice?" 

Nice makes the world turn. One nice leads to another nice. Nice keeps me on the path.

Thank you.


Because attention attracts gratitude and gratitude expands joy, it's time for Thankful Thursday. Please join me.
What are you thankful for today?