Thankful Thursday: Sanctuary

Because attention attracts gratitude and gratitude expands joy, it's time for Thankful Thursday.

Some people find solace in a chapel, at the beach, or on a mountain trail. For me, it's a library.

Since childhood I've gravitated to libraries, finding spots of refuge across the map — from New York to Seattle and dozens of stops between. In a new town, as tourist or resident, I seek first the library (followed by the post office). From grand to plain, large to cramped, old to new, with each I've found a haven of warmth and trust.

This week has been rough, and I've been far from home. When I offered to return an overdue book, I was busy and planned to simply drop-and-go. I wasn't looking to linger.

But once inside, the light drew me in and I stumbled, grateful, into the Quiet Reading Room.

Was it made just for me? It seemed so. With windows, sunshine, soft chairs, and a beautiful hush, it ushered me in, pressed me to stay.

And for the first time in days, my shoulders relaxed, jaw loosened, and eyes softened. When action finally takes a break, feeling replaces tasks and sadness arrives as a sort of relief.

Oh, what peace a library brings. 


What are you thankful for today?