You still here, too?

John Atkinson, Wrong Hands

Remember when "blogging" was a ridiculous made-up word? And sharing your personal thoughts on the internet was just weird and self-involved? 

It's all still true, but I've been blogging for 8 years so I guess I've acquiesced., established 2008. Happy Birthday to me!

Eight real-life years is equal to 20 internet years. So, yes, I've made the leap from flipphone to smartphone, from cotton to cashmere, from Friends to Veep. Time flies when you're writing to yourself (and hoping a few peer over your shoulder and give an occasional nod). 

Blogs are dead! You've heard this, too? Most of my blogger friends have left the party. But I'm still here, the clumsy guest who just won't leave, even as the hostess nudges me with, Can I get your coat? Your keys? A life?

But, wait, you're still here too. Hello, so nice to see you. I like your dress, and your shoes. So tell me, are you a writer? what's your favorite book? do you want to be blog friends? 

Let's keep this party going.*


*with a nod to Pink and the prehistoric Myspace era.