Send Supplies!

By Warsan Shire, from "What They Did Yesterday Afternoon."

Sheesh, cut us some slack!

I'm not sure to whom I'm addressing this plea, but please may I jump to the front of the line?

I'd like to return this era. Okay, exchange. I'm not even asking for money back.

I'm not swearing (too much), or crying, or even sulking. I'm mostly wandering and sad. 

But, really, who's in charge here, and how do we get out from under this heavy rock of reality? 

It's a rough season, and we're crashing about in the wreckage of politics, killing, and manuevering and manipulation. We're trapped in a mashup of House of Cards meets Veep, with a splash of Real Housewives.

(Yes, I've found escape in the world of television, and it turns out life is mirroring make-believe. There's just no escaping the crazy).

And it's a season of personal sickness and loss. Some seasons are long, and even while flowers burst and the sun shines criminally bright, our hearts remain heavy. 

And yet this is the stuff of life, the swirl and the sink. 

And so, dear readers and friends, how to keep on? Where do you turn? Words, books and poems?

Please send replies and supplies — and quick!