Thankful Thursday: The Past is Now

It's Thankful Thursday.

Please join me in a pause to express gratitude for people, places and things that bring joy. 

I like lists. 

I fill scraps of paper — from post-its to journal pages to the empty space on envelopes — with things to do, buy, be. Long after the writing, I find these reminders at the bottom of my messy purse, under the area rug, between couch cushions. 

In these forgotten essentials I discover eras: a burst of good health in which I listed calorie counts and exercise routines; ideas for poems and stories; website addresses for jeans I must have (and never bought); phone numbers for a hair salon, a great massage, acupuncture.

I find words I like and want to remember: belie, agronomy, citron . . . Yesterday when I ordered my coffee, the barista responded with "super!"

I commended her enthusiasm.

"I'm trying to find words to say instead of perfect," she explained. "I want to bring back the good words, like super and keen, words my father used."

And so I wrote down super

Writing makes it real, makes my intention stick, and helps me find my way amid life's distractions. 

Sentimental journey: these shoes are as old as my marriage. Both have worn well. 

Today I turned the clock to 1995 and rollerbladed through my past. No, really, I rollerbladed

When you were younger and at the park, did you see an old lady rocking the rollerskates and did you smile with a mixture of delight and pity? Well, I'm her! I'm rolling past your craft beer and coffee culture to give you a blast from my past.  


What's happening in your world? Are you in the here and now, or yanking at the past? What are you thankful for today?