Note to (blurry) self

reminder - 11.jpg

Reminder, a series by Drew Myron

This is no. 11 in a series of reminders that serve as notes and poems to myself — and now you. Is your head as crowded as mine? It’s okay, jot a note and take a rest.

You don’t have to linger  

 in a loneliness that makes you blurry.      

 You can fill in blanks           make up a story   

sound out the silence with something 

more than understanding, 

stir the understanding with something more than tears, 

stir the tears with something more than surrender.  

In the math of wanting, 

you can contradict your self 

           praise the grace of quiet things

  the malignant sadness and 

surprising sweetness of 

                                                         every day.

— Drew Myron