Errors, Omissions & Headaches

Technical difficulties are working my last nerve. 

Several months ago I switched to a new website format. I've been posting two and three blog entries a week, writing, with great trust, as I  lobbed words into the darkness. Surely, someone was reading, right?

Not much feedback, not many comments. I tried not to be one of those 'sensitive' writers who moan about their lonely lives. There are a zillion writers and even more blogs. Who was I to think I had something unique to offer, or had crafted content worthy of followers, the web's holy grail of affirmation? 

Last week I got my answer. A colleague told me she hadn't been to my site in months because she hadn't received any of the email notifications she signed up for. 

Turns out, none of my subscribers — admittedly not a large number — were getting my posts via email. The blog bookmark feature seems to work just fine, but if you signed up to get postings by email you haven't heard from me since March! 

And so, here I am, tossing words out again. I've tweaked the subscription feature (at right). You can now subscribe to my blog by bookmarking Off the Page in your own browser, and/or choose to receive blog posts by email (simply type in your address).  

Fingers crossed for full and successful operation. And please, please, let me know if I get lost in this labyrinth. It gets so dark and cold without you.